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Cooling coat



The cooling coat is designed to make your dog more comfortable in hot weather and when exposed to the sun. The product is ideal for summer training for active dogs and for outdoor dog shows. The coat cools the dog's back and chest and helps to make the heat more tolerable for your dog. The coat has an adjustable belt and collar and a detachable belly flap. An opening on the back allows the leash to be fed through when using a harness. Machine washable 40ºC/105ºF (warm).

Rinse the coat thoroughly in cold water. Wring dry carefully until the coat no longer drips. The coat works through the cooling effect caused by the water evaporating. The duration of the cooling effect depends on air temperature, humidity and the size of the dog. 

Please note! A dog wearing a cooling coat must not be left alone in hot weather. The coat's cooling effect reduces as the lining dries. 

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