Kvalitet er for oss en æressak som vi følger i alt vi gjør. Les mer om vår designprosess.

Trail harness



The versatile Hurtta Trail Harness is ideal for hiking, trekking and outdoor activities with your dog. The impressive-looking, large harness is equipped with an ergonomically padded chest piece as well as an adjustable collar, chest and waist straps. The three adjustable straps ensure that the harness fits the dog perfectly. The harness has two attachment points for a leash, one on the collar and one at the back. The design of the back piece takes the structure of the dog into account, leaving adequate room for the movement of the shoulder blades. The durable handle structure enables you to help the dog in challenging terrain and allows for better control of your dog, if necessary. The high-quality 3M reflectors improve the dog’s visibility in the dark and in challenging weather

  • Durable handle structure
  • Three adjustable straps ensure excellent fit
  • Ergonomically padded chest piece
  • High-quality 3M reflectors

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Recommended sizes highlighted with orange



1. Halsen måles der hundens hals er tykkest, ved halsroten. Halsåpningen på en overall kan være større enn halsomkretsen, da den kan justeres til å sitte tettere.

2. Brystet måles rundt hundens brystkasse der den er størst, fra bak frambeina. Overallen må være større enn hundens brystomkrets for at den skal gi tilstrekkelig bevegelsesfrihet.




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