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Expedition Parka



Expedition Parka is an excellent choice for small and big adventures in cold weather. The Expedition Parka has been especially developed for short-haired dogs and dogs without undercoat, but in cold conditions it is suitable for all other dogs as well. It is suitable for extra warmth, for example, for agility dogs after workouts or for dogs needing warmth due to their age or health.

The technical surface material of the easy-to-use coat is excellent for even the toughest of games. The protective model of the Expedition Parka is designed to allow for extended range of motion when the dog is running and playing. The water- and windproof soft elastic segments on the front are flexible with the dog’s movements. The neckline, length of the back and the collar circumference of the Expedition Parka can be adjusted.

  • Breathable and water-resistant material
  • Adjustable back length
  • 3M reflectors
  • Recloseable opening for harness on the back in sizes 30-80cm
  • Protects the chest and key muscle groups
  • Integrated harness in small sizes 20-25cm

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1. Ryggen skal måles fra manken (ikke halsbåndet) til haleroten når hunden står i normal stilling

2. Halsen måles der hundens hals er tykkest, ved halsroten. Halsåpningen på en overall kan være større enn halsomkretsen, da den kan justeres til å sitte tettere.

3. Brystet måles rundt hundens brystkasse der den er størst, fra bak frambeina. Overallen må være større enn hundens brystomkrets for at den skal gi tilstrekkelig bevegelsesfrihet.




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