When you’re part of the Hurtta pack, you’re ready for any weather.

Hurtta wants to see all dogs outside – running, digging, swimming, jumping, exploring – enjoying all the activities they love. Our goal is to help you outfit your dog with the industry’s best apparel and gear so you and your dog can spend more quality time together outdoors, no matter what the weather.

Gear goals

The right training equipment can make a big difference for dogs and trainers. Developed in cooperation with Agility Team Finland, Hurtta training gear is built to perform and last.

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Weather forecast? Who cares?

Featuring taped key seams and breathable, waterproof materials, Hurtta rainwear makes even the wettest weather feel like a sunny day

Rain and mud

The heat is on.

From lightweight jackets to full body warmers, winter’s worst is no match for Hurtta’s durable and comfortable cold-weather apparel.

Warm clothing

Cool comes standard.

Hurtta helps keep dogs cool and comfortable in hot weather with smart, safe, and non-toxic cooling harnesses and vests.

Cooling effect gear

It’s all about looks.

With stylish reflective prints and 3M piping, Hurtta apparel is designed to turn heads and keep your dog safe in the dark.

Safety gear

Happy planet. Happy dogs.

Hurtta ECO products are made from 100% recycled polyester. It’s our way of protecting this amazing planet that we and our dogs call home.

ECO gear

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  1. Go Finland! Trainer's vest
    Go Finland! Trainer's vest
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    Rambler vest
  3. Ranger vest
    Ranger vest
  4. Swimmer vest
    Swimmer vest
  5. Worker vest
    Worker vest
  6. Outback Dreamer ECO
    Outback Dreamer ECO
  7. Outback boots
    Outback boots
  8. Trainer's vest
    Trainer's vest
  9. Outback Dreamer
    Outback Dreamer
  10. Cooling vest
    Cooling vest
  11. Breezy pants
    Breezy pants
  12. Fellow pants
    Fellow pants
  13. Polar vest
    Polar vest
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