Blaze a new trail.

The photos and notes our customers share with us prove that dogs love play time (and of course work time for many breeds) outdoors. And we love it when they tell us that Hurtta apparel and gear helps and inspires them to go farther and do more. That's essentially our business model.

Our customers inspire us too. They do amazing things with their dogs and we are grateful for the stories, feedback, and new ideas they send us.

We want to keep the inspiration going. From service dogs to dog athletes, we want more dog owners to know that they and their dogs are capable of great things too. Get to know our Hurtta Trailblazers and let us know if they inspire you and your dog

Trailblazers gallery

Allie Dexel and Ivy

Where I go, Ivy goes!

Ivy is a young Border Collie mix with nothing but energy to burn.

The Canadian wilderness is our playground and you can often find us out hiking, running, camping, taking road trips, and enjoying the beaches on the west coast.


Claudia Lötscher, Maggy, Lucy, Aika and Lynn

We live in the Swiss alps where we go hiking with our big and small friends. They are a funny bunch of dogs and together we love to train, hike and cuddle. We do clicker training and dog dancing. I am convinced that small dogs should live like big dogs. And finally I love to photograph. I take pictures of rescued dogs to help to find them forever-homes.


Catarina de Brito Fernandes, Cheza and Zahir

We are “The Xtreme Dogs”, from Portugal. Cheza and Zahir are two talented Border Collies who love performance as well as going on a bunch of fun adventures. I’m their human, content creator of the moments and a dog trainer by profession.


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We want to hear from you. Hurtta apparel and gear are built to perform and your feedback helps us make better products. In fact, many of our products are inspired by our customers' needs and wishes for apparel and gear that will improve the wellbeing of their dogs. So feel free to reach out.

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