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Half choke collar



The half-choke collar is intended for obedient adult dogs. Particularly easy and quick to put on, the collar is perfect for active dogs that are allowed to run free during training. The half-choke collar is also well suited to daily walks when you need to be sure of your ability to control the dog. The half-choke collar should be just the right size for the dog. The collar is the right size when it fits over the dog’s head, but is firmly placed around the dog’s neck when pulling on the leash.

• Highly durable
• 3M reflectors
• Machine washable

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Recommended sizes highlighted with orange



The neckline measurement should be taken at the base of the neck, this being the widest point of the neck. The neckline of an overall can be larger than the circumference of the dog’s neck, as it can be adjusted to fit a smaller neck.




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