Claudia Lötscher

Maggy, Lucy, Aika ja Lynn

Last weekend we went to a hiking trip to the Simplonpass in Switzerland with my dogs Aika and Lynn together with their friends Maggy and Aiko.

This time it was a quite short hiking tour because our senior border collie Lynn came with us. She is already 13 years old. We enjoyed our day playing and relaxing near the lake by the water. It was a very refreshing day at 2005 meters above sea level. Aiko our youngest guy tried his first tricks and we all had lots of fun watching him. Little Aika loved this place because the weather was much cooler than in our hometown.

Maggy wore the Weekend Warrior for the first time. She ran, jumped and relaxed with the harness and I really think she looked fabulous in green.

Greetings and big hugs from the Swiss Alps for all the small, big and senior explorers out there!

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