Catarina de Brito Fernandes

Cheza & Zahir

All adventures are magic, no matter what we choose to do or go. And what is better than a full WEEKEND at an amazing city?

t’s been a while since we came to our amazing capital, Lisboa (Portugal). Cheza grew up here, she is used to the loud noises, crowded places and she totally love the attention and share the love to everyone. On the other hand, Zahir is more used to the calm vibes, mountains and green places to be able to be completely free.
This Weekend Warrior gear is super versatile and we love to wear it in every situations of our daily life. And well... Fits so well!

Few years ago we changed the River Tejo view to the Atlantic Ocean, the stressful daily life to the enviroment where we can only hear the sound of the sea and enjoy the silent night. It was a really great decision, but our heart still belongs to this amazing and unique city.
We miss this and we made a promise to visit more often! Love, Catarina de Brito Fernandes, Cheza and Zahir (The Xtreme Dogs)

  1. Weekend Warrior köysitalutin
    Weekend Warrior köysitalutin
    alkaen 29,90 €
  2. Weekend Warrior ECO valjas
    Weekend Warrior ECO valjas
    alkaen 46,90 €
  3. Weekend Warrior valjas
    Weekend Warrior valjas
    alkaen 42,90 €
  4. Weekend Warrior panta
    Weekend Warrior panta
    alkaen 26,90 €

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