Allie Dexel


When it’s scorching hot out, we live for beach days. Ivy and I headed out to a dog friendly beach in White Rock, British Columbia so that Ivy could get some much needed exercise without overheating in the summer heat.

Ivy is such a water dog and loves to run and splash in the water but she’s not the most confident swimmer in the ocean waves. She was happily playing fetch in the shallow water but when I accidentally threw her ball a little too far out, she didn't want to swim after it without her Hurtta Life Savior on.

She’s not a particularly buoyant dog and struggles to swim on her own so she needs some extra help to stay afloat. It only took a few seconds to buckle the life vest securely onto Ivy and she wasn’t slowed down by it at all. As soon as she was clipped in, she confidently leapt into the water and swam out for her ball.

The Life Savior is so vibrant that it was almost glowing and she was highly visible in the water, instead of blending in with her blue merle camouflage. Ivy’s safety is the most important thing to me when we’re out so I feel much more at ease around the water when she has her Hurtta Life Savior on, and I think she does, too!

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Hurtta-tuotteet on suunniteltu toimiviksi ja kaikki palaute auttaa meitä kehittämään entistäkin parempia tuotteita. Itse asiassa monet Hurtta-tuotteet ovat syntyneet asiakkaiden tarpeiden ja toiveiden pohjalta. Teemme tuotteita, jotka parantavat koirien hyvinvointia. Älä siis epäröi ottaa yhteyttä.