Nando Brown's pack:

Fizz, Zeus, Archie and Ella

I am an ex Royal Marines Commando and live in UK with my pack of 4 dogs. I love working with my dogs in many different aspects.

Scent detection, Trick training, Bite work, Search and Rescue, Rally and Tracking but also spend much of my time looking after the mistreated street dogs.

The most important aspect of dog training is the relationship because"a dog that wants to do something is always going to do it better than a dog that is made to do it !"

  1. Worker liivi
    Worker liivi
    alkaen 49,90 €
  2. Rain Blocker
    Rain Blocker
    alkaen 52,90 €
  3. Adventure valjas
    Adventure valjas
    alkaen 29,90 €
  4. X-sport talutin
    X-sport talutin
    alkaen 34,90 €
  5. Outdoor Trainer
    Outdoor Trainer
    alkaen 24,90 €

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